Baby Sister Is A Mother To Be..AGAIN!

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Wahoo! I'm going to be an aunt again! 
I've been blessed to be the oldest of THREE GIRLS (Mom, how did you do it?!) We are best friends, and growing up let's be honest, we were also enemies at times. You can't put three girls, all 2 years apart, in the same house for over 18 years and not expect some crazy arguments to happen - HAHA! 
My two younger sisters have taught me what it means to be a leader, a strong woman, what it means to keep secrets - and when something isn't bad enough to tell on them ( I was defintely the tattle tale of the family!) 
Without a doubt, I would do anything for both of my sisters. I am unbelievably proud of them and love that they have both made me an aunt! Kera - born in August of 1988, is married with a baby boy - Jackson. He is just over 1 year and I can't get enough of him! He's incredibly smart, so curious and handsome, too! Stephanie, April of 1990, has Cidney Kay- who made me an aunt 8 years ago and she is my 'Monkey' as I call her. She used to climb all over everything! Now she is expecting baby #2 and it's another girl! Monkey is excited to be a big sister, and as you'll see... Stephanie is just glowing as she comes up on 6 months - Due December 10!

I am honored that she asked me to take her announcement photos! We didn't have a full plan, we just knew they were making the drive to Columbus and we would go from there. I recently moved off of Riverside Drive and was excited to discover a waterfall right around the corner! We didn't know if we would be able to grab some shots or not, but decided to try! 

I love you already.

She is just gorgeous! Of course, the waterfall is beautiful as well - but I absolutely LOVED the lighting in this little cove! It was so soft and very easy to work with! Natural light is my favorite, as I've mentioned before (studying film kind of forces your brain to look for it)! I'm still learning the digital world of editing hahaha so I like to try and get the shot on the first try, so that MAYBE I don't have to keep watching YouTube tutorials :D 

You would never know the humidity was incredibly high, we were all drenched in sweat but Stephanie pushed through it, stayed positive, and we were able to grab these awesome shots! Her beautiful blue eyes are a little easier to see in this one! (BOTH of my sisters have blue eyes... I have the hazel, what the heck!) 

Now this...


Always Watching

She wanted to help me with every photo she wasn't in! Always wanting to help, such a sweetie. This shot was her idea, but she didn't want to be in it. I couldn't help but swoon over this once I got it on the computer! What a reminder that the little ones are always watching all that we do! Look at that look! Concentrating and taking it all in. This is what happy looks like. I hope she holds onto this forever. 

Of course... She also had more ideas that displayed her personality a little better hahahaha after this shot she tells me - "AUNT P! When we get back to your house we can put paper in this and I can POP my head through it! It will be so funny!" hahahha we weren't able to make that shot happen, but maybe once she is older I'll remind her of this conversation and see if she still wants to do it! 


You Will Always Be Loved

This. Just... This. I love it. All of it! I love that she is about to go through a massive life change as well.... 8 years of being an only child! There are definitely going to be some adjustments and more responsibilities to take on. BUT this captures the love she is surrounded with. I am thrilled she gets to see what it's like to a big sister. I'm sure she is going to be the best there has ever been!



Congratulations to Justin, Cidney and my rockstar baby sister - Stephanie. I am so excited for you guys! I'm sure Justin will do just fine being surrounded by girls hahaha!


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