Truth. A Toddler's Perspective.

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Howdy, guys! Whew, it's been a while since I've posted a blog post on here, life gets crazy busy so fast! Am I right?? 

Let's get to it! My title says it all for this one, folks. I've talked before about how much I love family sessions, especially with toddlers because they run the show their way. As a photographer it is our job to grab as many photos of the happy family as possible. It is also our job to make sure the lighting is just right, but yet keep our individual style with the session. This is important, because there are a million wonderful photographers out there, and YOU chose US (or me, in this case!) and more than likely it's the style that caught your attention in the first place! My style... is all candid, high contrast, and always have black and white duplicates included. 

This particular shoot I am going to touch on, involves a 2 year old that was my very first hired newborn/infant client. I had gone to their home and spent almost two hours getting to know the family and snapping photos. It was a beautiful evening, and I'll cherish it forever!
The mother Angie, has twin sisters - one of which I practically grew up with in the local music scene, and the other recently hired me for her maternity photos. I am still baffled and humbled when an entire family would use me over and over again and trust me with their memories! 


Two years ago - baby Ryland! 

He was already surrounded by so much love, and his little cries were still so adorable. Little did we know that a couple of years down the road, he would be the best big brother, and give us a similar shot! Angie reached out to me a couple of weeks before Ryland's second birthday and had asked me to do a small session for them. I was elated! I couldn't wait to see how much he had grown and to meet the newest little one!! 
We met at Highbanks Park in Lewis Center, Ohio and had about an hour to catch up and snag some shots. Ryland is two, so among other things outdoors he especially loves to run around and play in the dirt. I'm now very well seasoned with toddlers and knew we needed to try and keep him entertained so he would stay clean(ish), but I also wanted to be sure I grabbed as many candid shots as possible. They grow so fast. It's my job to make sure our time spent together, captures this sweet, sweet stage.

Look at those curls! The wold is still so safe and small to him, he isn't scared of a thing! Shortly after this photo he walked right up to small plant that had a massive spider on it, didn't phase him one bit. I won't post the spider photo, I'm sure there are a few reading this that would rather not see it hahaha!

You just want them to stay this sweet forever! How precious <3


About 30 minutes in, he was done. Just over it. Over the camera, over being told to smile, and definitely over the fact that he had to stop playing in the dirt and water! THIS is where I got my inspiration for this post. 
It's so rare to find such innocent truth in todays world, that's no secret. So, we have to look at the little ones to remind us that genuine and raw emotion is still out there. To see children growing up in todays world, surrounded by the love of their parents, is what gives me hope. Seeing a Mom and Dad love so fiercely, but not take life so seriously, is just straight up #goals. 
Everyone knows children are going to cry. Sometimes there is a reason, and sometimes... there just isn't. Life is too short to get frustrated during a moment that is supposed to be fun - like family photos at a park - and these are PERFECT examples of that. Check it out. These photos were my favorite while I was editing. When you have the privilege of reliving the time spent with families, there are shots that just make you laugh out loud followed up by an 'awwwww'!
See? Truth. I'm not only talking about how obvious it is that he is very unhappy that Mom, Dad, and the mean, horrible woman with a camera made him stop throwing rocks down by the river. I'm also talking about the love you see. Sure, I cracked up when I saw this little man starting to get wound up, and I remember how happy he was to just walk away and focus on other things. BUT. You have the warning sign from baby brother in the first photo. Haha, see his face? Like -- Uh Oh Mom, I think he's about to lose it.

While getting the biggest kisses, Mom is clearly trying not to laugh! Dad has 100% control of little man in his arms, and even though he is about to let loose, they are showing him so much love, there's no escaping!
I sure do love this photo. 

I'll leave you with this - I can't wait to see how these two grow up together. Brixton is already laughing when Ryland is throwing a tantrum. These parents have their hands full, and there is no doubt in my mind, they will love (almost) every step of the way. 


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