I'll Be Shaking For A While...

September 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Billy and Alyssa are that storybook couple. You know, the one where they are so easy to get along with, they compliment each other perfectly, anytime you know they will be out - it will be a good time. (Unless it's past 10 p.m., then Alyssa may try and nap, haha!)

I have only had the privilege of knowing the two of them for 5 of the 9 years they've spent together (High School Sweethearts, their anniversary was the day prior). Meeting while we were in college and continuing friendships beyond, these two are now some of my closest friends and I couldn't be happier for them! 

When Billy sent me a text that read 'Can you call me sometime today?" My first thought was he had something to tell me about softball. BUT, that didn't make sense since we were between seasons. Then I wondered... could it be?? No way. He wouldn't tell me before he did it... would he? BAH! So, I called on my lunch break, the second I walked outside. 

He was hesitant. Took a lot of deep breaths. Now, if you know Billy, he is the FURTHEST thing from being a dramatic person. He was taking long pauses and taking a while to get his thoughts out, but still strangely composed. All this time he is asking me what my schedule is, and if I would be available on Sunday. I unfortunately was out of town, but I offered Monday (Memorial Day) I could be free for something, IF YOU TELL ME WHAT IT IS! 

hahaha so he finally says "I'm proposing to Alyssa..." and I immediately scream at the top of my lungs. HE IS REALLY GOING TO DO IT!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!! 

That's how my head works! hhahaha 

So he comes up with the plan for me to call Alyssa and tell her I need more photos with an Ohio State theme for my portfolio. We worked out all of the details. The time we would show up, what they should wear, how we would end in front of the stadium, and I would be there to document all of it. 

It. went. perfectly. 

She was so excited - when I called to ask her if we could do Monday she was so excited she would have the day off. Then when she agreed and I got SUPER excited, she responded with "I love how you get excited over everything." HAHAHA Little did she know that this time wasn't just a normal day! 

When we arrived on campus she was her bubbly self, and kept saying how she had to drag Billy out, but that they were both happy to help me. We grabbed a few shots along campus, talking about when we went there -- and how much has changed! HOLY MOLY! 

First off, can we PLEASE talk about how gorgeous she looked?! She was super pumped for her red accents to go with her black dress hahhaa so cute.

We just had a blast hanging out for an hour and catching up. When it was time to walk up to the dome in front of the Ohio Stadium, there were lots of people taking family selfies, and taking in the beautiful stained glass inside of the classic dome. This is typical. If you have ever been to The Shoe, it's just what you do. You take photos there because it seriously is something to make you go "WOW!" 
And...I mean... if you're a Buckeye then it's just one of the greatest parts of campus anyway! 

So I keep stalling. I'm taking test shots and killing time. FINALLY we have a minute. There was a strange pause in the amount of people gathering around and walking through. For about 5 minutes we truly had the area to ourselves. 

So I place them where I wanted them, I ran back and was messing with my camera settings when I look up and see Billy step back -- OH CRAP! HE'S DOING IT NOW!!!!! 
I immediately pull the camera up to start snapping this beautiful moment and just watching it unfold was enough to bring tears to anyones eyes. 

She was SO EXCITED! (Who wouldn't be?!) I gave them a minute before I ran up to them and bombarded them. I wanted to hug them and congratulate them. The plan worked so perfect and it truly was a moment I will never forget. I am honored to be their friend, and that they would think of me to capture these forever moments. 

A few minutes passed and Billy looked at her and said "You're still shaking!" 
Alyssa replied, "I've waited nine years for this, I'll be shaking for a while." <3 

Billy and Alyssa, you two are a force to be reckoned with. I wish you both more than a lifetime of happiness and I sure do hope to be a big part of your story. Not just as a random photographer that cons you into capturing life moments, but also as a friend. 
Love you both to death! CONGRATULATIONS! 



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