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The Perfect Ring, For The Perfect Bride

November 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

Hi, Guys! 


I had the pleasure of working with another couple that I have known for years, for engagement and wedding photos! It's just the best as a photographer to spend so much time with your clients, especially when they are trusting you with their big day! It makes everything go easier and less stress on everyone... well, a little less stress! 

I went to school with Sara and graduated a year ahead of her. We always got a long and I just found her to be one of the coolest, quirkiest women! When she reached out to me for wedding photos, I had just started really jumping into photography professionally. I remember exactly where I was - laying on my couch. Watching Dexter and thinking about the dishes that needed to be done. We messaged back and forth a bit and when she let me know they had decided to move forward with a package for engagement photos AND a full wedding ceremony... I started running around the house, jumping up and down and for the first time since I had started this photography journey I felt as if I was doing something right! So thank you so much, Sara and George, for wanting to spend so much time with me and trusting me with your wedding memories! 

Let's jump right in, shall we?? 

Engagement photos... Well. They were SUPPOSED to be at Innis Woods in Westerville, Ohio. Neither of us had ever been there before, but had heard it was gorgeous. Wouldn't you know that they were doing some type of construction at the entrance and they were running behind schedule so no one would could get in! So, we decided to go to Sharon Woods, and hoped to find a great spot! 
Thank goodness we did, and the leaves on the trees looked beautiful! 
They had stopped and picked me up some hot chocolate from Tim Hortons, the sweetest! I spilled some on my shirt (expected) and we got to work! 

They were also the first couple to be excited about chalkboard signs! I LOVED it! These two are so perfect for each other. The entire time they were joking, laughing and even giving the middle finger to show their real love <3. There is no doubt in my mind they will be extremely happy together. 

She had asked me to do something with a sign for two photos, side by side. I said I would try! Remember, this is the beginning of taking photography public for a second job... and the first time I would be using digital editing programs! Since I studied film in school, programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop were an entirely new world to me (and a scary one at that!). I was always honest with them, as I wanted their photos to look great and be something they loved very much. So, if it turned out awful - they understood they probably would not see them hahaha 
We took a shot, and didn't fail! She loved it, and I was pleased, so now we will share with the world! 

The day FLEW by, we saw a deer drinking from the water, so many beautiful trees and landscape. I was so excited with the props she had brought. She worked so hard on her pumpkins, and was super pumped to use them in photos! As she should have been! They turned out great! 

To end the engagement session, we had to get the ring photo! I was just so excited with how unique her ring was, and with the fall colors being so bright as well - my goodness! It was PERFECT! I probably spent 20 minutes just taking her ring different places!  I mean, LOOK at this! 
I was obsessed! 
Okay, so moving on from engagement to wedding! We had kept in touch over the year to touch base, and make sure we were on the same page! 
Wedding day - They were getting married at The Barn, just outside of Mt. Vernon and it was an absolutely PERFECT day! 
Everyone was so relaxed for the most part, the rehearsal was actually a couple of hours before the ceremony, so they decided to do their first look between rehearsal and ceremony! It was a gorgeous day!

She made a gorgeous bride, and everyone was taken aback at her in that dress that was made for her! 
There was a special moment in all of the craziness. Her dad pulled me aside and asked me to say in the area while he cleared everyone out. He wanted to give Sara something special from him, and before she was officially a married woman. As a Daddy's girl myself, this brought tears to my eyes as I saw the bond between them become even stronger. The gorgeous pearls that he gave to her were breathtaking. 

Shortly after, we brought George in for the first look. While family gathered at the bottom of the steps to try and grab a glance at their reactions, I was honored to be in the room to capture this moment. Pure happiness. Love and excitement filled the room as they took the time to really take in the love of their life dressed for a day that was all about them. Before it flew by just as fast as it started, these moments were priceless.

Down to the last detail, this wedding was the perfect rustic set up and everyone that attended had such a lovely time! From a crazy engagement session to a day filled with family and friends as they committed their lives to one another, I am so fortunate to have spent so much time with these awesome people. That ring is just an example for how much George supports and loves Sara. Her excitement for it (and the way she LIT UP when she saw him in his suit!) are just a couple more things to add to the list of reasons they're perfect for each other! 
Congrats guys! 


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Omg this is absolutely beautiful!! You done a fabulous job,there pictures are great. Your words totally brought tears to my eyes!! You really was a huge part of their wedding and she couldn't have asked for a better photographer for their special day.
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