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Man oh man, it's been a little while! How was your holiday season?? Great, I hope! Mine was chaotic as usual, but I wouldn't change a thing. So much family time and so many new memories made. As crazy busy as it is, it just goes by way too fast! I mean, come on. It's already the first weekend in January?! My mama always warned me when I was a kid, how fast time starts moving the older you get. I remember wishing summer would hurry and end so that I could get back to school (I was a nerd, I'm not ashamed! hahaha), and she would just shake her head and tell me to enjoy it while I could. Boy oh boy was she right, or what?! 

I love that being a wedding photographer means I get to witness time fly for couples, but I am the one responsible for making time stop and be captured in one single image forever. Ashley and Chris had asked me to take their engagement photos to see if they would like working with me for wedding photos. I was so nervous, but yet super pumped because they had found me through FACEBOOK! That's right, it works people! A dear friend of mine had 'liked' and commented on photos, so it showed up in her feed and BOOM! Match made. We did their engagement photos at the Franklin Park Conservatory. You can check out the blog post on their engagement here: Ashley & Chris Engagement Post

When they told me they loved my style and how easy I was to work with I was pumped. THEN they told me they wanted to hire me for their big day and I was SUPER pumped. Thankful. I just couldn't believe they liked me enough to use me again! Anytime a client comes back for a second round, I just have this sense of genuine awe that overcomes me. There is so much talent out there. So many photographers. People have the freedom to go anywhere they choose and by going with me, it's the biggest compliment anyone can give! 

I will share photos of their beautiful day here shortly. This was my first Catholic wedding and saying I was nervous doesn't even scratch the surface. I wanted everything to be perfect and I didn't want to leave anything out. This was my 16th wedding I've done since I started on this adventure just a few years ago. Even though this wasn't my first ever, I was just as nervous. 

The day went perfectly. The ceremony was GORGEOUS. Rachael worked with me again and I'm thankful for the shots she was able to grab while running all over the place (I'll share some of hers as well!). 

The ceremony was at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Sunbury, OH. The reception was at Royal American Links golf course - where I also had the privilege of working with Travis from Above The Light - ATL Drone Aviation, an event videographer (absolutely shared a clip of his, but PLEASE check out his other stuff! Insanely talented!) 

The reception went just as perfect as the ceremony. It was all so unique - and let me tell you. Seeing Grandma and Grandpa dance to Gangnam Style is a memory I will NEVER forget! 

Check out their day, let me know what you think and I hope you will also follow Racheal on Instagram @willetskillet and like ATL's Facebook page and Instagram - @above_the_light

Now, for the good stuff and the whole reason you stopped by! Rachael's photos are just after the first group (they don't say Portia's Photography at the bottom!), so that you can see the work she does, and the video at the end is all Travis!! 

Can I please just you that all of this, all of these people, opportunities, experiences, memories... leave me beside myself. They make me grin from ear to ear with amazement that they trusted ME with their day. All of this makes me incredibly thankful. Blown away. Makes me...grateful. 


Some of Rachael's beautiful work, capturing the day! 

And ATL Drone Aviation's perfect clip of the evening! 


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