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She Has It All on Friday the 13th...

October 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hi, guys! 
I'm not kidding... Melissa seriously had everything a girl could ever want on her wedding day! 
From the most detailed decorations (that SHE MADE!), incredible boots shipped over from the UK, family, friends, love, and laughter. It was a gorgeous day and I can't wait to share it with you! 

There is a LOT to share on this one so I will get straight to the point. 

She's amazing. 

HAHA! No, seriously. Melissa spent the months leading up to the ceremony designing, and crafting her very own decorations for her wedding day. Talk about DIY wedding! 
Here are just a few: (I think she should start a side gig, what about you guys?!?!) 

"I'm not big on flowers, so I wanted something just as pretty without being overbearing." Melissa told me on the night of the rehearsal. What a perfect, simple touch for the center pieces! She cut and glued the burlap, painted the wine bottles (with some help from Husband - To - Be, Mike). He also helped with spray painting the mason jars, for that something extra.

SHE MADE ALL OF THAT!!!!!! I just couldn't even begin to imagine the focus it would take for projects that big! Let me tell you, the place looked GORGEOUS! 

From the start, Melissa made it clear how laid back they were. Both of them were so calm (for the most part!) throughout this entire process. She blew me away from the second we met for engagement photos and she was rocking a pair of heels... and we were OUTSIDE! Walking through gravel, dirt, uneven ground, and she never asked for help or wobbled even a little bit. Coming from a girl that looks like a newborn calf in heels -- she is a pro when it comes to shoes! 
That being said.. check out these bad boys that she ordered from the UK JUST for her wedding day! 
One of my favorite parts of the day was when her youngest put them on. <3 

How precious is she?? And wouldn't you know, like mother like daughter, this girl wanted to walk all over the place with these things on! Even though they come halfway up to her waist! 
Naturals, I tell ya. Melissa looked beautiful in them. <3

Now, I've covered most of the special details. Some of the firsts. Another first for this wedding, was I had a second photographer. Rachel and I have been friends for years and lost touch once life happened. Thanks to Facebook I was able to see that she had started getting into photography a few years ago and as I watched her style grow and realized we had a similar eye, I asked for her help and she didn't hesitate to say yes! It was so much fun having someone to share the load with, and I can't wait to see the work we do in the future! She grabbed some pretty incredible shots though - here are some of my favorites! 

Just from the little snippets of the day so far, I'm sure you've realized how much went into this day! Okay, enough jumping around. Time to get down to nitty gritty. 

As I said before, this wedding had a lot of firsts for me as a photographer. On top of a bride completely DIY-ing their entire day, having a second photographer, the incredible boots that were shipped overseas and would make every shoe lovers jaw, drop. I cried! Not once, but twice. I couldn't believe it! I mean, these guys do a hell of a job making you feel like family. The love they have for each other is something I had never witnessed as a photographer, and I was so grateful I was able to see such raw emotion in so many parts of the day. And it's contagious. I have never seen so many people dance for SO LONG ( the DJ had some pretty great set lists as well! JK Mobile Sounds) but they had smiles on their faces. They were holding onto each other and smiling from ear to ear. Just having a great time and completely letting loose for the night. I felt so grateful to have been such a big part of the day, and even more grateful that Missie and Mike had trusted me to capture these moments. I will leave you with a quick run through of how the day went, with some of my favorite photos on top of the ones above. Thanks for hanging around this long. I hope you're ready to see some genuine, candid shots that are filled with so much love, you can't help but smile when you go through them. <3 Congrats again to you two, and THANK YOU! This is one for the books, and one relationship that I will truly never forget. From the adorable first look, the blast that we had knocking out all of the photos before the ceremony, pranks that were played for Friday the 13th, and also just because Dad's are awesome, games played at the reception, to the last dance - seriously, they danced to Closing Time. How awesome?!

What do the kids say these days? Hashtag goals? hahaha 



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