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It's A Beautiful Life

July 21, 2016  •  1 Comment


This will be my very first blog post as a professional photographer! I couldn't decide how to start and just kept racking my brain on ideas, topics, questions, research... debated between starting a post just explaining who I am and immediately starting with my most recent session. The ladder won. :) I wouldn't be where I am as a photographer without my beloved clients. I am beyond blessed to have so many the continuously come back for each life event. 

This couple is the perfect example! I have known Ryan for years, and I couldn't wait to meet his beautiful lady, Marissa! They first contacted me when they decided to buy a house together. They wanted to announce it to their family, but didn't want to do it the old fashioned way! I was tickled that they wanted me to come and capture this big life move! 

These two together... I'm tellin' ya. They make me look like I know what I'm doing (and I tell them every time! haha) Since I studied black and white film in school, I am a sucker for black and white and LOVE when clients are just as stoked! 
Marissa was so outgoing with the photos and had insane amounts of great ideas! Ryan is such a trooper, he would add input as well and together they would develop these great shots! The compliment each other so well! My favorite shot is below, she and I had already planned it out, but this was the first he had heard of it. He was caught off guard, and a little concerned at how it would turn out - but he did it to make her happy and it turned out to be so great!  It did take a couple of tries and we ended up trying a different pose in the process and just fell in LOVE. Absolutely beautiful. AND that black and white :) 


So when they told me they were engaged and then told me they were expecting.... I just couldn't stand the excitement! AND they wanted me to capture this!! HOLY MOLY! I was so thankful and couldn't wait to make it happen. Ryan and Marissa wanted to be sure we waited as long as we could, so we could get the belly in all of its glory! 

This beauty is due in September, and they are elated! We met at Capital University for the shoot, on a hot Sunday morning and they brought Coby <3. Found a quiet courtyard on the older side of campus and spent a little over an hour capturing as much as we could! Again, Marissa shows up with these excellent ideas that just kept getting better! Again, they play off of each other's ideas and we make it happen! I love that you can see literally see her glowing in this! 



I just know they're going to be great parents with so much love to give.  And that Coby will be there to lend a helping hand whenever needed!   


So, after all of this. I am still so humbled that they trusted to me relay all of these beautiful messages through photographs for their family, friends and for their own hearts for years to come! I am speechless with the amount of support I have received since I decided to start doing this for a living. Photography is something that is immediately rewarding for me. The more time and effort I put in to learning the digital world, the greater improvement I see in my own work.


Of course, before we ended the session, we had to do our signature pose. 


That's all I have for you today! I hope you come back to see me, and please feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have! Thank you again to Ryan and Marissa for asking me to capture these massive life moments. I am so thankful for you two! <3


Great post! Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with us. Keep it up!!
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