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September 04, 2016  •  2 Comments

Hi, guys! 

I sure hope everyone is having an excellent Labor Day weekend! To those that do have the honor of working tomorrow, THANK YOU!! Definitely looking forward to my trip to MicroCenter in the a.m.! 


This family has been so patient with me! My photography business is growing faster than I ever imagined and oh my goodness, I am learning time management like I never have before! We decided to meet in Sparta, at our old High School / Middle School park. Highland Park is a beautiful area placed right off the main road in this small farm town, near the baseball fields and now... SOCCER fields. Whaaat?! When we were in school they most definitely did not have a soccer team! I was so happy to see kids practicing a new sport in the area! Way to go Highland! Felt so good to be back on my old stomping grounds. Since I moved to Columbus, I find myself not taking enough time to get back up there!

I was fortunate enough to go to school with these guys. I knew Dennis and Stephanie from High School (and maybe Middle School??). It was so awesome when they reached out! 


Now... their boys. Let me tell you. I have no clue how she does it! Well, Dennis too, but seriously. Stephanie can round them up in seconds and still stay calm when they don't listen right away. 4 boys. She's a pro. For those chances that one decides to run off, Dennis is there with the 'dad' voice to bring it all back together. 


They're a handful, but they are the CUTEST! 



Ornery, but what boy isn't? They are a team, and as competitive as they are, you can see the love between them. 



And from Dennis and Stephanie, you see how much love they have to give their boys and the genuine will to teach them as much about the world as possible. 




They were also the first clients I have had that ordered prints and a small album. I was interested to see how they would turn out. I LOVE the lab I work with, and the prints I have ordered before have exceeded expectations. Ordering the album was exciting and when it arrived, I was beyond pleased. It was the cutest little thing, that would help them put their photos on display with total ease! The colors turned out fantastic and I couldn't be more excited for this family to receive them! 


It was an hour and half of laughter and jokes. These guys are all total hams. How could we forget the 'sexy' pose! HAHAHA I couldn't stop laughing, he just loved to lift his shirt and show off that adorable belly! 

All of these boys have personalities that will win everyone over the older they get. I really felt privileged to be able to get to know them and hang out for so long. 

Thank you again, guys! It was so awesome hanging out and coming up with fun things to say just before I closed that shutter! 




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So glad you love it, Stephanie! It was seriously so impressive to see how you handle those boys! <3
aww i love it. you brought a smile to my face and i teared up a lil bit. thank you for the kind words portia very nice to hear on occasion that i appear to be doing right by my kids
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