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Spirited Sports Siblings

September 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Everyone loves a title with a little alliteration! I know I do, haha kind of obsessed! 

How was your week, everybody? I hope it was a good one and you all stayed pretty cool! It was SO HOT! I was fortunate to have been the Maid Of Honor for my best friend from childhood over the weekend, but boy oh boy the humidity in Virginia was out of this world. Somewhere around 95 at the time of the ceremony, but it was absolutely beautiful. So thankful to have been a part of such a gorgeous day! 

Before we left, I had one of the coolest shoots I have had in a long time! My old General Manager reached out to me for sports photos of his two kids. I worked at Bob Evan's through college and that's how I came to know Brian so well. I was there for 7 years before I decided I wanted to try my luck at the outside world...I left for a little, but came back part time about a year and a half later! Brian has since moved on from Bob Evan's as well - he is so much happier...and relaxed! Maybe now he won't be so strict on his employees being 2 minutes late :D Although, I have to admit he helped me develop the strong work ethic I have today. Whew, I would be scared to see how I would have turned out without him .. or the fear of him... through those important years HAHA!

I had the privilege of watching his kids grow over the years, and I remember when they weren't even as tall as the counter top at Bob's. I couldn't believe I was looking at Bri and Trent when we met at their high school football field... Trent (8th grade) is even taller than Bri (Senior). Bless their hearts, mom and dad wanted photos and they woke up early on a holiday weekend to come help make this day happen. I'm grateful for that! They were tired, that definitely wasn't hard to see - but they made the best of it, and I am so pleased with how these turned out! I think their parents are, too :) 

This would be the last year they have the same uniform colors! This is a big deal!


Bri is the family soccer player... she is also receiving a full athletic scholarship to Urbana University! How exciting is that?! Jen and Brian are so proud, and I have no doubt that she is going to do incredible things. Just look at this photo... that determination isn't going anywhere, anytime soon!

 We wanted to be sure we grabbed some action shots along with some dramatic ones! 

Trent is playing football this season, and he also runs track. This family is so athletic it's crazy! Can we PLEASE talk about how he most definitely does NOT look like he is about to start 8th grade?? I would have guessed sophomore in high school! He says he plans on receiving a full ride also... in 5 more years when he graduates haha for football to the University of Alabama! Rooting for ya Trent! 

Trent's only request was a black and white photo with his uniform in color... Mission Accomplished!

Although they are both involved in totally different sports, they are still as competitive as ever...typical siblings! When Bri showed off her jumping skills, Trent had to follow up as soon as he had the chance! 

My favorite part of this day was when they both started getting more and more into the idea of having photos taken! They're such great kids, and once they woke up a bit - they had some input for each of their individuals! Together... they still weren't too thrilled, but we made it work!

My first shoot for non traditional sports photos. Perfect for so many reasons. I was personally involved with as many sports as I could possibly fit into a school year when I was growing up. I know how important it was to my family to have photos and memories to document and keep forever. I also know how happy I was to be able to look back on those years later. Lastly.....What a way to start off right before The Ohio State Buckeyes and the NFL starts for the 2016 season! WAHOO! 

Thanks to Brian and Jen for reaching out to me and trusting me with capturing these memories! I hope that you'll love them as much as I do, and I wish both of your incredible children the best of luck in the up coming years! Time is FLYING! 


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