Portia's Photography | Marriage, Buckeyes, A Fur Baby and A Smash Cake

Marriage, Buckeyes, A Fur Baby and A Smash Cake

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Welcome Back! Happy to have ya! 
We are preparing to travel and it is so exhausting! Will be worth it when watching the Browns play the Dolphins in Miami! Here's to hoping I don't forget anything important here in Ohio!  

I wanted to get this blog posted from my last shoot. Yet another incredible person that I've known for quite a few years, thanks to.... BOB EVAN'S! HAHA! I had the honor of taking Kayhla and Joey's wedding photos. Joey is active military and is truly a stand up guy. Always taking care of his ladies - His bride and their BEAUTIFUL dog, Jasper. She is so sweet. Her personality is hilarious, and it was adorable how they kept a small paper bowl and a couple of water bottles so they could be sure she stayed hydrated! 

Kayhla contacted me for Smash Cake photos about 6 months ago when she saw someone else had them done. I was ecstatic! Grateful that she wanted me to take them. We agreed that we would also take some family photos the same day, since they were traveling from Virginia Beach so that she could be home for her birthday. 

It's no secret how pumped I was to see their first outfits were a Buckeye theme!

I just get so tickled to see the love they have for their girl! 

Isn't she lovely??

We had to be sure we grabbed a photo of the family hug! Joey mentioned that everyday before they leave or when they get home, they will call Jasper over - and this happens <3 LOVE IT! 


We had decided to take photos at Innis Woods in Westerville, Ohio. It's beautiful there and LOTS of places to go. However, with the dog rule (they aren't allowed inside the gardens) Kayhla and I had to part ways with Jasper and Joey while we embarked on a journey to find the perfect spot for her smash cake photo shoot. 

It didn't take long until we spotted a small entrance through a break in a couple of trees, and found a beautiful cove filled with trees and not in anyone's direct eye sight. We spread the sheet between two trees, and started setting up. 

I am fortunate enough to have a friend, client, and former classmate that now has his own bakery business. Brandon's Cakery did an INCREDIBLE job on the cake and cupcakes. They were delicious and just gorgeous! He made Kayhla's vision come to life and got us both even more stoked for this shoot! 

Neither of us had done this before, so we had a lot of fun just trying different things. I feel at times, it almost has an Alice in Wonderland feel. I mean... we are in the woods with cake, wine and balloons haha it's not very often that this happens! 
She brought a wine glass that was probably 2 feet tall and weighed about 10 pounds (without wine!) We made a stats board for her, and had the balloons placed behind her. It was almost at this exact moment that the extremely humid, heavy day turned windy as could be. It felt great, but the balloons just did whatever they wanted! 
So she grabbed them...

She makes me look like I know what I'm doing! 
The rest, I'll let you skim through. She is gorgeous and made this unique shoot something very special. Thank you Kayhla for being such an incredible young woman and asking me to do these crazy things with you! I wouldn't trade it for the world!! 

Happy 21st Birthday, lady! I'm so happy you were able to make it back up to Ohio and had time to hang out with me! I hope you love these photos as much as I do! 


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